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I want to be so mad at you, 2020. You know why!!!!

But every time I try, I just stand here in disbelief. In deep awareness.

My heart has broken more than once. I see what’s happening around me and yet, inside, I feel the alignment of the deep dive, of the journey -

because of the PAUSE.

because of the UNREST.

because of the BATTLES.

because of the DIVISION.

because of the BURNING.

because of the LOSS.

I want to be pissed. How can I when the heartbreak is disguised as a my heart cracking open?

And I know…

In September 2016, my business and life changed when I allowed myself to accept my truth.

My life was on track. I’d opened a business with a friend, I was building my coaching business on the side and I’d hired a book coach so I could finally write and publish my first book.

Despite all the good, I was sitting in meditation one morning and tears began to pool in my eyes. Slowly, one by one, they fell down my cheeks.

I didn’t know I was sad. I didn’t feel the heaviness in my heart until that moment. There was…

Climate controlled room with the Shroud.

When I was in Italy this summer, I went to “see” the Shroud in Turin. I didn’t know what to expect, the Shroud is behind glass doors, in a climate controlled container. It wasn’t actually on display in the chapel.

I sat down with other visitors in the pews anyway, thankful for a break from the beating sun and heat of Italy in July.

I closed my eyes to tune in.

The Shroud is considered by many to be a holy object. I don’t practice a religion, I never have. For me God is in the trees, the water, the…

Kelli Reese

Former CEO of a $34M organization, author + certified coach. I help femxle leaders clear the shit that’s holding them back and master the inner game.

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